BA Show

Inspired by an interest in the concept of censorship, the aim of this exhibition was to take several subjects and reduce them to indecipherable texts within a ‘censor’s office’. Included within the installation were layered tracing paper pieces, screen prints, and the Books of Controversy.

For the layered tracing paper pieces, all nouns from selected texts (Irish political statements) were blacked out and then the entire publication was stacked upon itself creating a unique image of black broken lines.

The screen prints used two texts that were simultaneously diametrically opposed and inextricably linked- the diary of Anne Frank and Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kamph.

The Books of Controversy were bound books exploring two controversial moments in the year leading up to the exhibition. A speech given by Pope Benedict XVI wherein he insulted the Muslim world, and the still unfolding controversy of then Taoiseach Bertie Ahern’s borrowing of money from several acquaintances. These books were comprised of a large selection of public statements and documents compiled together and then edited to make the entire text controversial in some way.


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